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Sebastian Reimer

STOP EXTREMISM - International Institute on Extremism
Arndtstraße 85/3
A-1120 Vienna

Competent Supervisory Authority: Vienna Police Department, Schottenring 7-9, A-1010 Vienna

Association according to the Austrian Law on Associations, Federal Law Gazette I No. 66/2002

Central Registration Number ([German: ZVR]): 1 012 337 931

Our aim is to protect, promote and strengthen fundamental rights and freedoms as laid down in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, Official Journal of the European Union C 354 of 12.12.2000 p. 1.

Guarantee Statement according to Article 12 of the proposal for an Anti-Extremism-Directive:

STOP EXTREMISM guarantees to reject any kind of extremism and reports without undue delay any kind of support of extremism according to Article 4(5) of the proposal for an Anti-Extremism-Directive, as soon as STOP EXTREMISM is aware of it, because STOP EXTREMISM is convinced that

  • women and men are equally dignified, equivalent and equal;
  • all religions, as especially the Christian, the Jewish and the Muslim religion are
    equally dignified, equivalent and equal;
  • people, whatever their faith is as well as people of no religious persuasion are equally dignified, equivalent and equal;
  • people, whatever their sexual orientation is, thus in particular heterosexual,
    homosexual and transsexual people are equally dignified, equivalent and equal;
  • physical punishment, as in particular the death penalty, is neither up to date nor
    compatible with European values, to which STOP EXTREMISM explicitly commits itself;
  • man-made law takes precedence over self-created, handed down or discovered
    contents, like the so called “Divine Right” or the “Natural Law”;
  • state authorities have and should have priority over, in particular self-created,
    institutions that are not based on man-made law.