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Sebastian Reimer

A bright future is based upon security, education and freedom.

Today, the European Union is the human rights friendlist place in the world:

Source: Human Democracy Index 2017
Source: Human Democracy Index 2017

However, these accomplishments are at risk:

  • geopolitical challenges result in EU-internal tensions and weakening of the Union ("Brexit")
  • extremists undermine fundamental rights by creating an atmosphere of terror and the EU-wide willingness to cut fundamental rights
  • economic power of authoritarian and hybdrid regimes increases internal tensions and external pressure

 Therefore we proposed an Anti-Extremism-Directive, including:

  • a neutral definition of extremism, regardless of its motivation and covering all "acts aiming at the destruction of fundamental rights"
  • professional bans for extremists in schools, hospitals and kindergardens
  • an EU-wide watchlist for extremists
  • financial penalties up to 20 mio EUR, inspired by the General Data Protection Regulation, to collect the extremists' money
  • compensation claims, inspired by the existing anti-discrimination law, to effectively protect women, children and persons in the employment context